Citizen's Hearing: The Varginha Case by A.J. Geverard
Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Realities Our Role on Schoolhouse Earth
Hawaii, Jan 26th, 2006
Laphalele, South Africa - UFO Crash
Natal, Brazil: Most recent UFO Sighting
Campeche, Mexico Radar Sightings from an Airplane
Ruwa, Zimbabwe, September 16, 1994
Alien being are video tapped by Sara Cuevas
Commentary on the Release of GEPAN Documents
More Government Releases
To bring you up to date on the latest sightings report—01-08-08
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Citizen's Hearing: The Varginha Case by A.J. Geverard

In May 2013, at the National Press Clude in Washington DC, top researchers and investigators on the ET Question got together to testifier about what they had experienced before an assembled group os ex-congressional leaders and members of the world press.  The event was called The Citizen's Hearing. and one of the many speakers, A.J. Gevaerd shocked listeners by details of aliens that were captured by Brazilian military personnel in the small industrial city of Varginha in the state of Minas Gerais in January, 1996. Gevaerd talks about the various investigators of this case including John Lear, Dr. J.J. Hurtak and Dr. John Mack

View You Tube of this meeting

Extraterrestrial and Ultraterrestrial Realities Our Role on Schoolhouse Earth

The first questions everybody asks are: What do alien races look like? How many races are there? In order to address these important questions we must provide an overall picture of the various extraterrestrials and ultraterrestrials. A wide variety of extraterrestrials have certainly been reported by various witnesses around the world. Credo Mutwa, a Zulu shaman, speaks of the Mhondoruka, which have been cited in Zulu legends and are still appearing today. This is only one of various categories of intelligence reported. The question we must be concerned with is: Do all aliens have the same intention? Since they are all superior to us in one way or another, should we follow their leadership blindly? If we analyze reports from contactees, we find everything from the most profound "religious type" of experience to the feeling of rage, medical/sexual violation and intimidation. From reports of sightings, we also find the killing of animals and removal of blood and organs--hardly what we should accept as intelligent actions from advanced civilizations.
Since ancient times, we have records telling us that those in space have both good and bad intentions just like humanity on earth. We at The Academy believe that some may be in keeping with the divine intentions, but nevertheless, they are still not God. Although they may treat us with respect and provide important gifts and information, we must utilize our own constant discernment and test their information, and under no circumstances submit ourselves without question to their control.

Let us analyze the total picture: We have ET intelligences who are similar to earth-kind, only they are space-kind and are a few technological evolutions ahead of us. These can be helpful or they may be tricksters. Finally we have what could be called Ultraterrestrial intelligences which originate not only from completely outside our galactic system, but our three-dimensional universe. However, these intelligences, as we are told as in the ancient book of I Enoch, can also be positive and negative for the human race. For the most part, it appears that humanity has been under a system of quarantine, that is, we have been protected from encountering many of these various entities, but times are changing and so now we are going to have to catch up quickly on our cosmic cosmology lessons for planet earth.



Extraterrestrial Realities and UFO Reports

Over the course of the next twelve months, the UFO subject will come under intense media and public interest in various parts of the world. 2005 saw the release of documents by the Brazilian government covering major events of massive UFO activity over military bases and populated cities. In Mexico, 2004 the government allowed the release of superb radar documentation over Campeche, Mexico, which led to official disclosures by the Mexican government in 2004, and now, the anticipated release of official documents by the French government (SEPRA-CNES) in 2007. This may trigger the release of more documentation by other governmental authorities in the world.

Despite strenuous and costly efforts by governments to publicly debunk good case studies, all subsequent opinion polls patently demonstrate they have miserably failed to reverse a growing tide of belief that some UFOs are real, and not misidentification hoaxes or the product of imaginative minds.

This year is seeing the emergence of several former military and intelligence figures (Nick Pope, from the U.K. Defense Ministry, for example) who have something major to say on a subject that influences all civilization. Credible backgrounds don't in themselves make for credible accounts unless they fit into the larger picture of substantial testimony.


Recent Cases

Hawaii, Jan 26th, 2006

Two unidentified lights were see along Kewalo Basin and Ala Moana

Beach Park around 6:20 PM.

Video was taken by a News Camera, see link below.



Laphalele, South Africa - UFO Crash

The Academy has investigated a very important event that has come to light: the sighting of a vehicle crashing on the South African-Botswana border. Strange and terrifying sounds of what many believe to be a Ufo that was about to crash flew low over their heads on  December 30, 2006. According to the current witness Leonie Ras, the object was singing like a 'million turbines' and was heard for miles near the city of Lephalale, a new area of development supporting a growing population of some sixty thousand.


Natal, Brazil: Most recent UFO Sighting

This photo taken by Roberto Di Sena, who was formerly with the Brazilian military.

He took the photos in the morning on November 26, 2006, in a town called Alagamar, which is outside the city of Natal, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande no Norte. Brazil has had continued sighting both by government leaders, pilots and civilians since the 1950s.






Campeche, Mexico Radar Sightings from an Airplane


As part of their surveillance they use Star SAFIRE II infrared sensing device manufactured by FLIR Systems of Portland, Oregon. To their surprise, what they could only see on the radar was several unidentified flying objects, up to eleven moving objects were spotted at an elevation of 11,500 feet (3,500 meters).

The importance of the story is that it involved the Mexican Air Force using a C-26 Merlin aircraft.  The aircraft was equipped with conventional and sophisticated 'forward looking' radar to detect and track illegal aircraft  when it encountered a series of Ufo objects in the sky over the State of Campeche, Mexico.  Although the Air Force crew of 8 and the mission coordination with the air traffic control tower were unable to make visual contact with the objects, the two radar systems on their plane, both reliable and operative, never stopped recording the details of the very large objects through detection of luminosity. In short, the objects remained invisible to the naked eye, but not so to the radars. Despite the pictures released to the world media of what appeared to be small luminous objects flying in and out of clouds over Mexico, the flight commander of the mission estimated the size of the largest object being that of a 15 story building. The Mexican Secretary of Defense and the Mexican government have made no public claims regarding this incident. They have only acknowledged that they were the source of this factual material on national television. Two months later both the Air Force Commander and the respective Air Force regional director were transferred to lower ranking posts.



Ruwa, Zimbabwe, September 16, 1994
(chief Investigators:  John Mack, Cynthia Hind)
Two pictures from children.


In recent research updates, Dr. J.J. Hurtak has spoken about the importance of the Zimbabwe case where sixty-two children at the Ariel school in the town of Ruwa saw a 'small alien subject' and a vehicle with seven smaller vehicles around it. Their interviews were recorded on camera showing their psychological trauma of feelings of close encounters with the alien. The form and shape of the alien vehicle and its smaller satellite vehicles match the description of a vehicle incident seen in Metapec, Mexico (see below), seven thousand miles away, on the same day (September 16th , 1994). A comparison of notes by Dr. Hurtak and Dr. John Mack, who worked together in southern Africa, cover the incredible reality that UFOs are coming more and more out into the open for contact regardless of social and psychological shock.

62 Children in Ruwa, Zimbabwe were approached by alien UFO visitors - Google Video


Alien being are video tapped by Sara Cuevas

Metepec: Fraud or Truth?

With the exception of Jaime Maussan, the investigators who looked into this case claimed Sara Cuevas was a fraud. She saw a UFO, ran for her camera, but only video taped the alien (see insert). She never video taped the UFO. However, she describes the UFO as being exactly like that of the children of Ruwa, Zimbabwe (Africa): as a larger glowing vehicle with many little vehicles (lights) around it. Note the date of her experience: September 16, 1994! She announced her sighting immediately to her neighbors and on the local TV. She would have no way of knowing about the sighting in Zimbabwe. Could she be telling the truth and saw the exact same craft as the children at the Ariel School during the same 24 hour period?



The anticipated release of important UFO-ET documents by the French government has arrived on the 22 nd of March, 2007! As mentioned by Dr. Hurtak on COAST-TO-COAST radio on January 30th this year, the release of these documents covering 20-30 years of research is important for the public sector. It will provide on-line access and review that is needed for both public and professionals of all backgrounds. This legitimate release is the next step to one of the most important events of the 21st Century, that is the full acknowledgment of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations in space. These documents have not been placed in full on the Internet as of yet, but some preliminary reports are now at:




Commentary on the Release of GEPAN Documents by Dr. J.J. Hurtak

      Many acknowledged pioneering writers and investigators in the fields of space, exobiology, as well as specialists in the world ET phenomenon, state that this is not the first governmental event of its kind, but is, nevertheless, an important milestone from a major government. For some, GEIPAN in France is merely as a public relations operation for France's space program, CNES (the equivalent of NASA); for others it is an official government investigative network that is willing to release once classified information. France, however, is only following Spain's lead that began in the 1970s with the release of pictures on UFOs watching military flight operations over the Grand Canaries. Limited releases were also made by the Brazilian government (2004) revealing a flotilla of unknown space objects that passed over their airspace and industrial facilities in southern Brazil in 1986. In addition, Belgium, Russia and the United Kingdom have also made recent limited releases of declassified official documents. Yet, the French release promises to be extensive and ongoing.

One of their recent websites stated as follows in French:      

The Opening of the information gate of the Geipan

(Geipan= Group of Study and Information for Unidentified Aerospace Phenomena)

This website will allow over a period of time information to be available to the public from all the data which have been collected for the last 30 years by GEIPAN on the subject of unidentified aerospace phenomena, while respecting the individual privacy of citizens. Already about 25 per cent of observed cases are available and may be consulted from what represents the majority of the observations of the last 20 years. The website will be regularly updated as we go along with the validation of the data, including photographic and video documents which are being digitized.

The GEIPAN thanks you for your patience and hopes this site will answer the expectations of the majority of people interested in UFO phenomena.
Slowly but surely, more pieces of the puzzle are forcing the experts to take a "second" and a "third" look at the seemingly unconnected data of a much larger evolutionary blueprint. On a worldwide level, I believe we are coming to grips with reflections of our own 'Cosmo-Planetary Anthropo-ecology.' It is my belief and that of colleagues in Silicon Valley (California), that other European governments may follow the UK, Belgium, Spain and France as we continue into the 21st century, increasing the possibilities that the scope of UFO data will build a sufficient database for a new "international" scientific analysis of exobiology. 

      It is also hoped that the North American scientific community in the USA will no longer remain unconvinced of the far reaching logic of a UFO reality as it was at the time that Project Bluebook was closed by the US Air Force in 1969 and labeled a "six million dollar coverup" according to the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek. Governments need to put forth a new and humanistic leadership in this important 'new' discipline as we go through global consciousness transformation in the next part of the 21st century. Indeed, as many experts know, some of the UFOS are IFOs (Identified Flying Objects) with their own agenda requiring the interplay of exo-sociology, exo-industrialization, exo-psychology and exo-theology, etc., and the expanded role of earthlings to meet the challenges of the world of tomorrow in the college of the greater universe! May our vision be 'ad astra' and 'carpe diem' to the work of the Great Designer.


More Government Releases

Most of the world on May 14, 2008 was pleased to see the release of basic UFO files by the government of the United Kingdom covering the years 1978 to 1987. Britain's Ministry of Defence (MOD) had maintained the documents and stated that all their files, dating from the 1950s and covering recent history, will be released to the National Archives over the coming years. Mr. Nick Pope, formerly of MOD (1991-1994), was the first ex-employee to officially state that the ministry was withholding these documents from the public and urging their release.

As more and more governments declassify their reports, albeit in a non-committed manner, the consciousness of humanity is being changed as we begin to accept that there is intelligent life beyond earth and that it won't go away. Official releases began with the Spanish government in the 1970s releasing reports from their Air Force. Russia then released older reports after the change of government in the mid-1990s. Brazil came next with a few key reports later that same decade. Then CNES, the equivalent of NASA in France, in early 2007, and now Britain.

This is not all happenstance. The last two major governments to release their documents do so in an era when more and more cities and towns, such as in Mexico and South America as well as in England, have reported mass sightings. These sightings are not just the claims of one or two persons seeing something strange in the sky, but fifty to one hundred people clearly identifying unusual flying space craft. Hundreds of people witnessed the Mezcala sighting near Acapulco, Mexico in December 2007 and the appearance of several vehicles over Lima, Peru in May 2007 in the middle of the day.

The topic was brought up recently before the Japanese parliament by one of its own officials who urged his country to make a formal statement. The United Nations are rumored to have held its own private sessions on the topic. We believe that all governments are being poised for a greater disclosure. This may be triggered by another mass sighting.

Let us realize that many of the current events taking place, from earthquakes to climate change to the release of government information on UFOs, is preparing us all for increasingly dramatic occurances in the future, until we arrive at the moment when we meet our cosmic cousins face-to-face. Remember that discernment and inner preparation are key to our protection and preparation for the wide variety of contact and earth-changing events that the entire humanity of Mother Earth will experience.

For a video overview on the release go to:



January 8, 2008 in Stephenville, TX Sightings

Something just occurred that is becoming more and more common: on January 8, 2008 in Stephenville, TX just south west of Dallas-Ft. Worth, an area known as 'central Texas', 'dozens' of the town's people witnessed the flight overhead of a silently moving UFO.
According to Angela Brown, a reporter with the Associated Press the witnesses included 'a pilot, a county constable and several business owners' who all insisted they saw a large silent object with bright lights flying low and fast.
The County Constable Lee Roy Gaitan said what he first saw was red glowing lights and then white flashing lights moving fast, but even with binoculars he did not see the object to which the lights were attached.  He told the Associated Press: "I didn't see a flying saucer and I don't know what it was, but it wasn't an airplane, and I've never seen anything like it . . . I think it must be some kind of military craft at least I hope it was."  However, Maj. Karl Lewis, a spokesman for the 301st Fighter Wing at the Joint Reserve Base Naval Air Station in Fort Worth, although a skeptic, claimed that there were no F-16s or other aircraft from his base in the area the night of Jan. 8.  This was confirmed also at the two other local Air Force bases, Dyess in Abilene and Sheppard in Wichita Fall, who all said none of their aircraft were in the area at the time. Some witnesses claimed to have seen fighter jets chasing the object.  More importantly from our point of view, several witnesses said the object's lights changed configurations which would tie in with what The Keys of Enoch® claim is a normal maneuver for entering and leaving our life space.
Local machinist Ricky Sorrells stated that this wasn't new to him.  He had recently sighted a similar round, flat object without any seams or nuts and bolts. The skeptics claim that it was only two commercial airliners passing during the sunset that created the effect. The locals don't necessary agree.  They are already on record for an earlier close encounter in 1997 where 7 people in a car witnessed a similar event for about 10 minutes.

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but some of the more intriguing questions on why are they here and how does the ET presence influence our Divine Destiny in Space.
It is a comprehensive overview that provides information on the different categories of cosmic intelligence.

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Extraterrestrial Retrievals: Evidence

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 Extraterrestrial Retrievals

This booklet details several government investigations of alien sightings and alien body recoveries from the 1950-1960s. There are over 10 cases of retrieval information which are intriguing and informative.

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