Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) gets ready to search for life on the Martian surface

The success of Jet Propulsion Lab's "Curiosity" landing on the surface of Mars, August 5-6th, 2012, a $2.5 billion USD project by NASA, brings a new and exciting chapter that could inaugurate the finding of life on Mars, past and present. The entry into the Martian atmosphere and the descent time of seven anxious minutes was viewed on millions on television screens around the world, with live NASA feed from JPL in Pasadena, California. There have been no serious attempts to answer questions as to the possibility of microbial life on Mars since the analysis of topsoil by the Viking 1 and 2 missions in 1976. That data was inconclusive, but now these questions can again be raised, redefined by the Curiosity experiments. If evidence is found, then perhaps a "sample return mission" or even a manned mission to Mars will be next in line. A manned mission is not out of the question in the next 25-50 years. The Mars Society (marssociety.org) believes it feasible since "water" appears evident on Mars. If subsurface water can be tapped, it could generate oxygen for the first astronauts on Mars, as well as allow plants brought from Earth to be grown.http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov/msl/















Higgs boson-like particle discovery
claimed at LHC

On July 4th, 2012, scientists from CERN and working with the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the Franco-Swiss border have claimed the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson. Two teams worked separately and made the discovery at the LHC: one named Atlas, led by Fabiola Gianotti, and the other CMS, led by Incandela. The CMS team claimed they had seen a "bump" in their data corresponding to a particle weighing in at 125.3 gigaelectronvolts (GeV) - about 133 times heavier than the protons that lie at the heart of every atom.

Whether it is the Higgs particle, also called the"scalar boson", which may have been finally found, has yet to be determined by scientists at CERN, but scientists are certain they have found something new. For 45 years they have been searching for the Higgs boson which would give us 5 bosons: the photon, the gluon, the W boson and the Z boson, and now the Higgs boson. It was named after Prof. Peter Higgs who contemplated that it must exist in order to give particles mass. If it does exist, it is thought to be a bridge to understand the 96% of the Universe that remains obscure, namely dark energy and dark matter.

Although called the "God particle" it really means the existence of an invisible force field and associated sub-atomic particle that works like glue or molasses to give form to stars, planets, life forms and molecules. Without the particle, everything would be more like soup, just speeding around the universe. The new discovery may be showing support for a theory known as “super-symmetry” where particles do not just come in pairs (e.g.,matter and anti-matter), but quadruplets, all with slightly different characteristics. Again no one is sure what the results really mean and perhaps it is just the opening to a greater number of particles in the universe! The Keys of Enoch® (e.g. 302: 8, 302:18) there will be new, addiional particle relationships which will reveal our on-going evolution into the Higher Evolution.








New Findings of the Speed of Light
by Scientists at Gran Sasso, Italy
as a Confirmation of The Keys of Enoch®
 By J.J. Hurtak, Ph.D., Ph.D. and Desiree Hurtak, Ph.D.

The sensational new findings by scientists at the Gran Sasso scientific facility 75 miles south of Rome, if further confirmed by other scientific labs throughout the world, will transform our knowledge of light by both speed and substance. In a breathtaking statement, scientists at CERN in Geneva admitted to have fired a total of over 15,000 beams of tiny subatomic neutrino particles over three years to gigantic detectors at Gran Sasso, a distance of 454 miles (740 kilometers) and they arrived faster than expected.

No mere accident or misreading, the substantial data base with a growing number of thousands of trials of neutrino projections shows that “light” as presently defined and accepted according to Einstein would have covered the distance in 2.4 thousandths of a second. But the new neutrino 2009-2011 findings took 60 nanoseconds faster than the speed of light or 60 billionths of a second LESS than light beams would have taken.  Not a big difference, but it is for scientists as it suggests a variation of the speed of light and this takes place in the range of muon activity as stated in The Keys of Enoch®  as we are told in Key 302:15: In addition, the matter-muon wave combination is important in the acceleration of cosmic rays and other particles.

In summary, further confirmations of this finding of light variation will be of such sensational proportions for all areas of science, that if it is proven to be true, one has to treat the consequences of superluminal light, space travel and also time travel as part of our next phase of human evolution.







New Evidence for the Multiverse

     The idea that there are multiple universes other than our own known physical universe has been popularized and culturally rooted for years throughout the media of science-fiction, fantasy, and film, but now scientists are starting to agree. This scientific acceptance that we are part of a “multiverse” began with inflationary cosmology models which have evolved in theoretical physics out of those first proposed in 1980 by Alan Guth to explain the relatively homogeneous, flat structure of our local universe generated by our presumed Standard Model (Big Bang) origin. In this line of thinking, the early physical universe burst from its pinpoint-origin and rapidly, exponentially expanded outward at unimaginably high temperatures, then cooled, but subsequently re-heated enough to ignite the stars, and to then inflate—forever, thus the naming of this school of thought "Eternal Inflation". 

     The idea of an inflationary universe is widely accepted in modern physics, particularly since its expansion by the work of Andrei Linde (1982). Linde put forth the idea of inflation taking place through a scalar field which amplifyied the original energies of the Big Bang outward or down "a potential energy field", something like an avalanche on a grand scale.  In Linde's model ("new inflation"), the bubbles which formed as the early universe cooled were separated by inflation, and are forever speeding apart. 




Gathering Clues to the Origin of life!

A major controversy amongst many scientists since the 1960s has finally been settled: there now appears to be conclusive evidence that not only does outer space house certain amino acids the basic building blocks of life, but meteorites falling to Earth from space have been shown to contain “nucleobases” the building blocks of DNA and RNA.  A team from NASA Goddard's Astrobiology Analytical Laboratory which includes Michael Callahan, Drs. Jennifer C. Stern, Daniel P. Glavin, and Jason P. Dworkin were amongst those who researched and confirmed the findings. The Pennsylvania State University, the Carnegie Institution of Washington, DC also were involved in the investigation.

What the NASA scientists found to be of most interest is the presence of the purines of adenine and guanine, which are common on Earth and are one of the bases for our DNA. The research mainly concluded that these elements found in the meteorites were not contaminations from earth. It seems that a particular class of meteorites called CM2 meteorites are the ones that show these types of elements.

The Japan Earthquake – A Barometer of ‘the Shifting Balances’of the Earth’s Past, Present and Future

The world’s fourth-largest magnitude quake of 9.0 was caused when the Pacific tectonic plate slipped under the North American plate, causing a massive movement of the Japanese landmass to shift Eastward. Specifically, Japan has just moved towards the North American continent by about 13 feet.
As we have all witnessed on television, the downward thrust of the plates released a gigantic tsunami force that surged over Sendai, Japan, to a distance in land of 6 miles, unleashing a power that is calculated to be approximately 500 million times more powerful than the Hiroshima atomic event in 1945! Clearly, even though the impact of the seismic profiles can be calculated down to the inch, there is much more study to be done of the fault lines involved and the oceanic features that have changed. We look at the devastation and we want to feel this was a singular event, however, we are here to tell you this has happened before, maybe on an even greater scale.

strange universe

Holographic Universe

A new machine called “Hogan’s Holometer” presently being built at Fermilab will measure more precisely than any hitherto constructed the odd noise signals detected in previous searches for the gravitational waves (and their concomitant space-time ripples) that are theoretically emitted in the violent collisions between black holes and supernovas.The interesting thing about the noise emissions which precipitated the building of the Holometer is that according to Dr. Hogan, physicist directing its construction, the anomalous signals may indicate “microscopic convulsions of space-time”—i.e., at the quantum or micro-level.


Britain’s oldest house discovered, dating back more than 10,500 years

It was previously thought that the hunter gathers of Mesolithic Britain were nomadic, never putting down roots or leaving traces of occupation. This idea is being challenged with the unearthing of what looks to be the most significant discovery of its time - the excavation of a wooden dwelling dating back more than 10,500yrs


Stonehenge’s 'Twin' Found:

Archeologists discover ancient wooden circle at famous site
Magnetometric imaging has shown an, as-yet unexcavated,
wooden circle, or "henge" less than 1000 yards away from



June 3, 2010 was a monumental beginning of an important program when six future cosmonauts from Italy, France, China and Russia in front of a plethora of cameras and newsmen in Moscow walked into a confined space for the next 500 days, maybe even 520 days, until November 2011


Solar Cycle Waking Up! 

What a difference a year can make in the life of the Sun. In June of 2009, solar scientists were saying that the sunspot activity had been some of the quietest in 100 years with 264 spotless days in 2009 and 268 spotless days in 2008


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